Are you BEEF enough? LasVacas

If you’re a steak lover, then LasVacas is someplace you definitely want to be! here’s how my one night out at LasVacas transpired and why i’ll go back there again!

LasVascas Mont Kiara

Waiter : Evening sir, how can i help you?

Me : I have an aunt with me that does not eat much. Anything small you have?

Waiter : Smallest piece we have is this one but we would not recommend anything less than well coz it wont be as good..

Me : hmm ok.. she’s a saucy person so does it come with any sauce?

Waiter : Apologies sir, our steaks are served with no sauce as we want you to enjoy the meat. But if you want, you can purchase these packeted sauces

Me : Hmm ok.. that sounds good

Waiter : And for you sir?

Me : I’ll have errr…..

Waiter : Can i recommend the Angus Rib Eye?

Me : Excellent. I’ll have it medium rare.. not to big a piece as well

Waiter : Ok, we’ll estimate the portion enough to cook a good Medium Rare

Me : Excellent! i’ll have some turkey Ham and chicken sausages as well!

So here’s how my meal turned up!

Medium Rare Angus Rib Eye


Inside my Angus Rib Eye


Turkey Ham & Chicken Sausages

Well, wont be my last trip but the pricing is a bit steep so i have to save up for it!

Till we meet again LasVascas!

Thanks to Wai May for introducing! 🙂



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