[Mr.P!] 2010 Vs 2011

Sorry this post took a while.. was spending the last week of 2010 fixing stuffs for my house and working on the weekend of New Year’s Eve  at Countdown with Yip Sai Wing of Beyond @ Queensbay Mall Penang.

[Mr.P!] & Yip Sai Wing [BEYOND]

Ok let’s take a quick recap of 2010..

Jan :  =) Bonus!!!
Feb :  Blackjack gave (+)ve returns
March : I proposed & Shermaine said YES! *phewwww
April : Successfully rolled out an impactful campaign penetrating Malaysian secondary schools!
May : Had fun touring with Show Lo in Malaysia
June : Won RM xx,xxx.xx worth of goodies in a wedding expo (utilized only 20% of total worth)
July : Got a new iPhone 3GS from DiGi
August : Got myself First Aid certified
Sept : Won my first Effies award with Joyce Gan & Mark Darren
Oct : ‘Think’ i did a great job with Adam Lambert’s Concert
Nov : Sold my iPhone 3Gs and got myself an iPhone4
Dec : Hardest working December PERIOD!

I must say, i’m super exhausted from my high level of energy in 2010 but it has been a truly rewarding year!

Hmmmm… in terms of resolutions, let’s see…

  1. Monday’s & Wednesday’s are to be Vegetarian days.. succeeded for 6 Months only.. 😦
  2. Get a Place of my own and furnish my room with a LCD Projector or 50′ HD LCD TV got a place with 2 X 42′ HDTV’s
  3. Spend more time with my parents (Have been working too hard) i must say i went no where near to this
  4. Catch up with some old friends like Maanoj, Adrian, Helena, Karen, Titus, Rakesh, Elaine, Jovin, Justin, Kelly, Michelle, & Koong Yang. If you are reading my blog and ur name’s not here and we’ve not catch up for a long time, please slap me and send me a message in Facebook or so.. really wanna catch up with old friends next year. Only managed those in BLUE
  5. No more Plastic Bags… even if it means spending more on shopping bags.. GO GREEN! managed to cut down by 50%
  6. Last but not least, take my baby for a good relaxing holiday.. probably an island, but must be duty free so we both can enjoy! unless Penang island is counted, i have not succeeded

Well there you go.. i would rate a 50% met for my resolutions.. now what’s in store for 2011?

  1. Get a Bicycle, reduce carbon footprint by 100KM. This would mean travelling with bicycle to places that i would normally travel by car.
  2. Quarterly ‘Go Green’ Post to update and inform
  3. Loose 10KG’s (never worried about my health before but i have put on quite some weight. Time to shed some)
  4. Get an iPad (soft try)
  5. Play a gig (it’s been some time since i actually played 1 full 45 minute set on stage. Time to make music again)
  6. Make sure i get ‘us’ somewhere for a honeymoon and NOT delay!

Well, those are my immediate wishes for 2010.. let’s see how far it goes. 🙂

For those that i specifically texted and tweeted for Christmas & New Year, thanks for making 2010 memorable for me. If you could, make it a greater 2011 for me.. not to be selfish, but i would not ask if i did not think it mattered!

I’ll end with a song that words come out truly from my heart, words that i’d like to say to all my friends, old and new. You know you’ve got me by your side no matter what coz that’s what friends are for! do remember me in 2011!

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011,

Prashan Chitty [Mr.P!] a.k.a @melakaboy



About melakaboy

Nonsensical and crazy as i already am, i'm still good at what i do... that's me! crazily efficient.

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  1. I see my name in this post but its not in blue

  2. I’ve been wondering about your name since the digi camp, is mr. P your real name ????? hahahahah sorry for being so straightforward.

    Go to Tunku Abd Rahman Marine park! Or even better, sipadan island 🙂

  3. hey mimi.. real name’s Prashan.. Mr.P! is my nickname.. 🙂

    haha u take me for island tour ah?

  4. can bah. if Tunku Abd Rahman marine park..can one.. coz its near KK hahaha.. im sure ashley n dewi too will be glad to show you and ur bride-to-be around =)

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