GalaxyTab Vs iPad2

So, a courier company decided to call me one on Friday saying that they have a package for me and if they could deliver it on Saturday? i said why not.. and waited all morning wondering what important parcel was coming..

At about 11AM, my doorbell rang and i signed for my package. Opened it up and had a shock thinking i somehow accidentally ordered a Samsung Galaxy Tab using my Maybank Treat Points (which i didn’t)!

Saw a letter and rushed to open it! and calmly, it read ‘Congratulations, you are the winner of our Spend & Win contest’

Emotions quickly changed to OMG OMG! i got a new Tab.. then mixed emotions spilled in.. should i sell it to get an iPad2?

Decided to open the package and try the tab before i decide.. and here goes my comparison!

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is much faster than my iPad1, there are Heeps more Free apps and the widget interface is out of this world! The tablet gave me the freeness of putting whatever i want on the desktop instead of just plain apps and i think of this as far more interesting for people who really want to use a tablet for work! There is far more you can do on an Android!

Although the Galaxy Tab lacks features like HD Video Recording and cool geeky gadgets like the iPad2, not forgetting to mention it’s 2 times heavier than the iPad as well, it actually has it’s own uniqueness. The 7 inch screen proved to be more travel friendly for me. It’s really easy to carry around and play with. The screen is on par with iPad’s with a Full HD LED and the camera’s are not too bad.. of course it cant beat the iPad’s cameras but hey, if you want to take pictures, go get a DSLR!

Simple Verdict! if  you love games and the cool factor, stick with the iPad.. but if you are one of those who wants a hell lot more from your tablet, go for an Android based tablet and i would recommend the Galaxy Tab. Heard the 10 inch one is releasing soon but really, the 7 inch one is good enough to carry around!

And if you like getting a Free Tab like me, get a Maybank2Card and swipe like i did for my wedding.. yeap, it was my wedding bills that won me the tablet! so thank you Maybank for the Free TAB! i hope my post helps justify why i love Maybank so much! just maybe in the future you’ll be less anal about credit limits so i’d have to go through less hassle to swipe big amounts 🙂



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  1. May I know is it a wifi only version or a 3G version?

  2. It’s a 3G & wi fi model 🙂

    Mailed via DiGi iPhone Time to Get Connected!

  3. Wow! Really? Congrats man! I’m waiting for mine as well and I though it’s gonna be a WIFI only version. But you sure that it is a 3G version? I’ll be very very happy to hear that

  4. yeap.. it’s definitely one with 3G… u won from maybank too? congrats to u too 🙂

  5. Ya, I got it through the maybankard 2 spend and win. It was sent to my hometown but Im in KL now. Very happy to hear that it’s a 3G model. Thanks ya. All the best!

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