The Mindset Of A Hacker!

Had an interesting lunch conversation today and coupled with a recent conversation with a friend on the same topic, decided that this topic is blogworthy!

If you have not read it online lately, a guy name Nicholas Allegra has made headlines because of his ability to constantly jailbreak Apple’s IOS which is by the way allegedly the most hacker proof IOS in the market right now. Nicholas, or more known as his hacker handle Comex is only 19 but he has made waves in the mainstream media after he jailbroke the latest Apple IOS in a matter of days.

Now, many people comdamn the act of hacking as it is the act of taking away an intellectual or copyright property of a certain group of people or organizations. However, to be honest, if hackers did not hack, we’d probably be still running on backdated computers and softwares. We’d still be working on softwares that are mostly bugged and can be attacked at any time. Most of the times, hackers open up these threats and force software companies to find a solution for it.

Do you think of what COMEX is doing is wrong? Obviously, his few day crack has cost Apple to loose revenue of about 50million dollars but hey.. if back when we were young, and we treated Robin Hood like god, then we should treat COMEX as a hero..

I personally like to think of it this way.. each hacker has a weird conscience. Some of them, like COMEX, probably thinks that they are hacking for the better of the people. Now if you had an individual who was fighting for your welfare, fighting for your safety, or fighting for your rights, you call that person a hero but can you not call a hacker that hacks for your advancement in technology a hero? i certainly can.

I’m sure that not everyone agrees with this. As a matter of fact, this is just my non-prejudice opinion. I’ve been using an iPhone for over a year now and i have not jailbroken it because i do believe in respecting intellectual property. I cant say that for everyone though.

I must say though that there can be no peace without law and order, and if we take away our respect for law and order, it is mere disrespect for peace. It’s funny that COMEX’s identity has been revealed but he walks a free man. Perhaps, and maybe someday, there should be a law protecting hackers who choose to do good with their skills.

I cant help but to imagine what would happen to the world if all the world’s best hackers turn to the dark side! my immediate thought would be the release of all nuclear warheads and the initiation of a civil war!

So to hack or not to hack? answer.. use Android.. where there are more free apps.. 🙂

PS : If any of you are interested to listen to a talk on the mindset of a hacker, TEDxKL has a treat for you.. have you registered? i saw a lot of interesting topics for this round but unfortunately i’ll be away in Paris during that time 😦 good luck to the guys at for TEDxKL 2011


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