A Week In Paris..

Eifel Tower & The Seine River Cruise

After not going for a holiday for a long long time, i went for my honeymoon a couple of weeks ago and i thought i’d share with you how to maximize your time in Paris!

For those who want to see some of the pictures i took, go to http://facebook.com/melakaboy

Before i begin.. i’d like to answer a few frequently asked questions.

Is Air Asia the best flight choice? Yes when you get zero airfares but on promo rate, do try other airlines!

Is it better to go on a full tour? Nope, i’d recommend a Free & Easy and take a couple of local tours!Β 

So what are the attractions in Paris?

The Eiffel Tower : Best to buy your tickets from a tour agent. You actually get better rates and they have special queue’s. If you attempt to just stroll there and get a ticket.. be prepared to queue for 2 hours at least. The tower is broken into 3 parts, level 1, level 2 and the top viewing deck! during summer, the queue to get to the top is crazy! πŸ™‚ be warned..

The Seine River : The Seine river cruise is one of the must go on attractions. Try going during sunset and you will have the most beautiful photographs of Paris. Sun sets about 9.00PM there so be sure to estimate the queue well. The cruises are normally every half an hour. You can also choose to do dinner or lunch cruises but that will cost a bomb. πŸ™‚

The Arc de Triomphe : a work of art Arc. Located in the heart of the city. Don’t really know what it is but i think it’s a fort. You can go upstairs but i did not bother during my trip πŸ™‚ superb architecture.

The Lourve Museum : If you’re an art lover, this is where the Mona Lisa is housed. I am not an art lover, but instead, i’m a movie freak so i went there to take pictures of where they shot the Da Vinci Code. πŸ™‚ awesome!

The Grevin Museum : If you have not been to a wax museum, go here to take pictures with MJ, Celine Dion, Ghandi, the pope, mother theresa, Charlie Chaplin, Leornado Da Vinci, Schumi, Zidanne, Pele and many other celebrities!

La Valle Village : Here’s where they house all the off season goods for major brands like Burberry, Feragamo, CK, Polo RL, Dunhill, Jimmy Choo, Nike, Adidas and many many other brands!

Disneyland Paris : Ok, get your tickets online! they are much cheaper.. πŸ™‚ be sure to stay for the fireworks show at 10PM but be sure to start booking your viewing spot by 7PM coz if you don’t, many others will. Be sure to also plan out your visit for the Park & Studios. Get their daily itinerary and plan your visit. Else, you will not be able to make full use of your time there. If you can, spend 2 days there. You won’t regret it.

Notre Dame Cathedral : Not to be missed. Got most of my most beautiful pictures here. You don’t need me to explain what this is right?

Moulin Rouge : Fan of stage shows? i missed this one but if you have the time.. why not right?

Aside from the above attractions, here are other information that you might find useful.

Shopping : The most popular shopping streets are Champs-Elysee and St. Honore where all the biggest brands are located at. You will need 1 day to stroll and do window shopping!

Food : You would be eating a lot of bread so be aware of that. Bring cup noodles if you hate bread! There is also a lot of Pasta and Pizza but if you want to eat different kinds of food, you need to really hunt for them. πŸ™‚

Night Life : I’d recommend Rue De La Huchette which is opposite Notre Dame where it’s like Malaysia’s Bukit Bintang. You’ll see a lot of buskers, a lot of souvenir shops and a lot of foreign food. A lot of bars around. One of them had half nude man! haha..

Internet : It takes 48 hours for the Telecommunications company to register internet for their prepaid services. Get it early if you want it. Else, you are gonna be stuck with no Internet on your mobile. If you cant live without the internet, be sure to get a hotel which offers free internet πŸ™‚

Tours : One of the most popular Tour agencies there is called Cityrama. If you are Malaysian, try CIT (Corporate Information Travel) my tour assistant Ms. Boon was very helpful in arranging my tours. If you wanna use her, contact her at ChingLing.Boon@cit.travel If you are going there for the first time, try the Hop On Hop Off Bus on the first day. That would give you a great idea of what you might want to go during your trip there. Oh… for transport to and from airport try PariShuttle

Transport : Honestly, just get the day pass which allows you to travel within Paris City Metro and Bus. You’ll need it a lot so don’t attempt to just get a one way pass. πŸ™‚

I hope this gives you a good idea of how to spend a good week in Paris. Here’s a video log of how i spent my time there. πŸ™‚


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  1. care to share on which is the best prepaid internet service in Paris and how to get one?

  2. would advice to go to Orange store in Champs-elysees

    their guys there quite helpful. you can get a prepaid sim card and get them to activate the internet. It takes 2 days for the internet activation though πŸ™‚

  3. thanks..i read about that orange store. Quite a number of horrible stories too.. e.g. staff with poor english and with no idea on what is prepaid internet simcard

    anyway, I will go to that orange store and give it a try

  4. yeah not all stores have people who speak English. Try the Orange or SKF store on King V street.. it’s adjacent to Champs-Elysee.. they are more foreigner-centric.. what you would be looking for is their pre-paid sim pack.. and to activate the internet on that voice plan just like how we use mobile internet in Malaysia. Anything that is postpaid you need a Paris ID so the mobile sim is your best bet..

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