Countdown to #harimalaysia : Malaysian Talent Day-2

Day 2 shows the one video that has inspired me to countdown to Malaysia Day using Malaysian talents.

I first saw this video on Facebook after some friends shared it. Well, the song is not original but what i find fascinating about this girl is she’s 15, Malaysian and she is not shy to share her talent for the world to see.

Do you even remember what you were aspiring to do when you were 15? all i remember was spending a lot of the time on the phone with THL..haha.. those were the days… i cant be 15 again but am sure proud to share the talent of 15 year old Cheryl K! now with a voice like this, let’s hope she does not get swallowed by the lack for talent appreciation in the country. If i was 15 today, i’ll be definitely asking this girl out coz she’s got the prettiest voice and hopefully she’ll melt the hearts of millions more.

Cheryl K



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