Countdown to #harimalaysia : Malaysian Talent Day-3

Well, day 3 i’m dedicating to Pete Teo. About 5 year’s ago, i met this dude who played for the Jairus Anthony Music Festival. He was very much indie but had an album cut. I bought that album, called Rustic Living for Urbanites.

Pete Teo

Listened to the album from start to end and it blew my mind away. Unfortunately i could not find my favorite track on YouTube so i can’t share it. It’s called Jesselton Tonight! If you wanna listen to it, you can find the sample here..


A few years later, Pete rounded up some friends and together they created a song called ‘Here in My Home’ which became one of the first viralled music on youtube and facebook. The song took unity to a different level in Malaysia. My hats up to Pete Teo and in tribute to Hari Malaysia 2011, i would like to thank Pete for his great contribution to the music industry in Malaysia!







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