Countdown to #harimalaysia : Malaysian Talent Day-4

My Day 4 inspiration would be the first Malaysian singer that put tears in my eyes! This singer has proven herself to be among Asian’s finest voices but has yet to receive due recognition for her gift. This person is non other than Malaysian Idol 1 Jaclyn Victor.

Jaclyn Victor

I still remember the days when i follow every episode just to watch out for her and the episode when she sang, Superwoman, i knew she was going to win. The power from her vocals and the feel from her voice must have touched the hearts of millions. Met her through Sasi’s album launch and her latest single with Sasi inspired me to include her into my list of under-rated talents in Malaysia. If you’ve not heard that song, check it out here.

And yes, the video that made me cry here…

Also, the song that earned her the Malaysian Idol title..

Jaclyn, good luck for your future undertakings.. you have my support!


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