Wet & Wild : Pitbull Live in Malaysia with DiGi at Sunway Surf Beach

Pitbull Live in Malaysia

So the title says it all, you were either there or you were square!

In what had to be the craziest party of the year, Pitbull brought down the house in Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach on the 1st of December 2011.

The party started with fears with strong winds and rain clouds wandering in the sky the whole evening. Then when the party was scheduled to start, water fell from the sky. It started with drizzels and the crowd of about 8000 people at that time, would not leave their spot as to not loose the best view.. then it poured, so hard that the music had to stop and equipment had to be protected.

At this point of time, everybody was asked to take shelter as the rain went out of control and this prolonged for over an hour. At this time, the crowd got restless, impatient and it did not help that they were drenched wet in their party outfits! it was a total mess!

At about 9.15, the rain settled down to drizzles and the music came back to life! Mizz Nina ‘Took Over’ the stage and gave a warm welcome to the Malaysian audience, at which had touched close to 15,000 people by that time. Although people were soaked in rain water, they nevertheless made Mizz Nina feel welcomed on stage. It was a good turn up and the crowd was OK. Mizz Nina then ended her set asking Malaysians to show Pitbull how Malaysians partay!!

At this stage, the crowd was getting restless, not only did Pitbull not come on stage, but DJ Big Sype came on and spun.. however, in just minutes, Sype’s music drew the crowds attention away from their anger.. his featuring of songs from LMFAO and BEP really got the crowd started into a real party mood! the hype was growing! and the atmosphere was unbelievable!

At the exact time the audience heard the voice uttering the words, thank you KL for waiting for me although it rained so heavily, the crowd screamed and cheered and that was when Mr. Worldwide made his appearance on stage with his classic shades and all dressed in black!

After the crowd exploded into screams and crazy partying, i moved myself down to the DiGi VIP zone, why? because thanks to their collaboration with Carlsberg Malaysia & Nando’s, there was free flow of BEER & CHICKS.. haha get it? cracked this joke coz i like the new t-shirts by Nando’s. The women one says ‘chicks rule’ and the guys one says ‘guys dig chicks’!

It was a great party not only because everyone said it was, but for me, it was getting to meet old & new friends there!

A big thanks to @AltimetHM, @Shaheizy_Sam, @mizznina1780, @Sasithedon, @Mr-Afy88, @Lourenzar, @Linoralow, @polytikus, @pinkytham, @mimipie, @simonturtle, @mynameisbirds, @sulinlau, @ZainHamid, @doristhedorry and all my other non-twitter friends who came and partied till the cows went home! too bad @yanasamsudin could not make it 😦

I hope you all had as great a time as i did but remember, as much as we may love Pitbull, remember to support the Malaysian Music Industry to! and YES, as much as the industry does not want to admit, they need support from each of you to bring back the glory days of Malaysian music!

A big shoutout to my team from DiGi, namely @iamdukered, Beverly, Suriati & Justin for all the crazy efforts being put in for the show!

For those of you who are more interested to see pictures, go here

PS: Big thanks to JS Concerts for giving DiGi the opportunity to work together on this project! and of course thank you for….

Pitbull & Melakaboy

Pitbull & Melakaboy

Peace everyone! and remember, let the music rain over u! =P


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  1. haha… he also better remember the Pizza bro…. 🙂

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