An Acoustic evening with Richard Marx & Liyana Fizi

Thanks to Splendid Entertainment, was offered to cover Richard Marx’s Malaysian Tour at the Arena of Stars last Sunday. Because Monday was a holiday and i’m such an acoustic lover, i decided to take them up on the offer! so here’s a short story of it!

Songstress Liyana Fizi

The night started with light Acoustic Bossa sounds with Malaysian Songstress @LiyanaFizi with her all but beautiful Mahagony built Martin&Co guitar. Backing her up were @ruviyamin on the Cajon and @Pitobass on Bass. She was accompanied by another guitarist with my all but favorite Godin Multiac but i have yet to catch his name and twitter handle. It was a superbly bold but wonderful move for Liyana to do her originals as the Malaysian music crowd is slightly less appreciative when it comes to original music. However, it was pretty well received.

I was pretty surprised that the stage set up was pretty bare. I did not really compute how Acoustic was @RichardMarx going to be. Then when he came on stage, equipped with nothing but his Taylor glossy top finishing guitar, i knew it was going to be ‘One Man, One Guitar’ and as much as i love my music that way, as a solo musician myself, i know how hard is it to hold a 4,000 people crowd with just 1 guitar!

One Man, One Guitar

However, i clearly underestimated him as his charisma on stage, how he handled the crowd was superbly professional and since they all did pay a price to come and see him sing, it was lovely. My hats up to the sound engineers as to my surprise, there was no feedback at all throughout the show as an Acoustic Guitarist would know better on how difficult is it to handle the sound without a muffler to the guitar and with 2 monitors blasting away right in front of your guitar!

Richard took everyone down memory lane with just his guitar and and at some times, accompanied by a pianist. I got really excited when he covered Josh Groban’s To Where You Are and to my surprise, was actually written by him. Brought me back to my early days of listening to Josh when i first discovered him on Ally Mcbeal.

To finish of the night, Richard brought Liyana back on stage for a duet. When Liyana told him ‘My Mother Loves You’ he said ‘I think you need to get off the stage’ which made people burst into laughter after how Richard cracked a joke on how he wrote the song they were about to sing for N’Sync and one of the N’Sync fans first asked if he was Richard Marx and after getting excited about a young girl acknowledging him, got let down by that girl telling him that her mother loves him. Pure LOL story Richard! And so, they sang ‘This is Promise You’

@LiyanaFizi & @RichardMarx

Before Richard called it a night, he for once put his guitar down and dashed to the audience, creating so much excitement for those who came and watch. He went to the back and told the crowd ‘Who has the best seats now?’ and that made the crowd at the back really really excited. He then made his way through the crowd acknowledging his fans along the way and singing to a few. So much love in the air at that point!

Richard Marx acknowledging the crowd

It was a beautiful night and he ended it with ‘Right Here Waiting’ and the crowd was blown away! everyone sang together like it was ‘Karaoke’ night!

Did not want to bore everyone with too many pictures so if you are keen to see more pics, do see here k?

Thanks for reading! and remember to support the local music industry and buy @LiyanaFizi’s album. It’ll be the best for an easy listening weekend ala Lisa Ono =) Have a great weekend ahead peepz!




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