Asmidar, Diandra & Amir Jahari

Diandra, Amir Jahari & Asmidar

Dah lama x blog tentang lagu-lagu baru.. so i dedicate blog hari ni to the 3 new very promising artist.. Let me introduce u to them..

This girl Asmidar is in the middle of a reality show at the moment but she has already made waves among the Malaysian Music Industry. She’s got a really jazzy voice and it really suits the music that she writes. Currently, i’ve seen @HandDimas from @HujanBand who has already done some work with her and even @AnasAmdan & @MuhdAizatAmdan said that they have noticed her. Here’s her song that caught my attention.

Then we have Diandra Arjunaidi AKA @iamdiandra on Twitter. Would not have seen her if Aizat & Anne had not asked me to pop by @RezaSalleh’s gig at theBee the other day. This girl not only have a beautiful voice but i’m sure her good looks has already made many notice her.. hehe.. Her first malay single has made it to radios and she’s to look out for.

Last but not least is the Jazzy Acoustic star also known as Amir Jahari or @AmirJahari on Twitter. Amir had toured with #DiGiJelajahDesa after making waves with his first hit single Tanpamu. He recently launched his new single Gelisah that will be on air pretty soon.

Some of the video’s are live performances so if you kind of like the songs, get their CD’s.

Ingat2 tau, kalau kita x support industri musik kita, takkan nak tunggu org luar negara yg support kan? Buy original k?



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  1. yey! i like! Kalau tak kita siapa lagi.. tengok jugak asmidar kat vokal bukan sekadar rupa.. suka dia perform dengan hujan hari tu…

    diandra pun best. mula-mula ingat lagu angkasa tu jenny’s and melody band underground yang bawak.. rupanya dia.. =)

    Amir Jahari? i like his voice… suka dia yang confident atas stage.. totally jadi orang yang lain bila atas stage.. =0

  2. eh, btw, minat Amir since sekolah… wahahahaha….

  3. mesti mereka ni bangga ada fan spt ko! =)

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