#PRU13 – Pendapat seorang budak Melaka


So, the 13th General Elections has ended with mix feelings. I thought i’d share my opinion since i have a very good balance of friends and followers on social media from different backgrounds and different believes.

Untuk Parti Pembangkang Pakatan Rakyat – congratulations for having a nett gain of 7 seats from GE12. Congratulations for winning the hearts of the popular votes in urban-centric areas and finnal penetrating into the hearts of urban borneo areas. However, let’s face the fact. Phantom voters, postal votes, Illegal voters, if non-existence, would have probably won you a further 5 seats? still way short of a simple majority. Nevertheless, thank you for standing up for the rights of the rakyat. Nevertheless, i think the mission for PR moving forward, is to take race bace politics to the next level. I see a swing of votes to DAP this elections and i personally believe that DAP is winning because of their credible candidates. Some lesson should be learnt here. I believe more people are voting for credible candidates. For the fanatic followers of PR, remember to respect people. If you win using hatred as your cause, you may win the battle but you have lost the war. Learn to respect other people’s opinions and fight for democracy in a peaceful manner.

As for Barisan Nasional, you have still many loyalist in your camp. Your youth divisions if i might say have really gone all out in winning the hearts of the younger voters. However, make no mistakes. These are also guys who will go against you in the next GE if they believe they have not been given what they are promised. So listen well, and hopefully, govern with integrity towards a real 1Malaysia. For the fanatics of BN, you need to learn to accept criticism. You cannot fight a battle head on. Think before you spread hatred.

Oh well, i dream of a Malaysia with all of you my brothers and sisters. BN or PR, i will support he who dreams this cause with me. I also dream of a Malaysia where my chinese brothers will say that Islam is a beautiful religion and my Muslim brothers will not say that the chinese belong in China. We are all born in this country and i believe those fighting for a better Malaysia will die defending the country.

Fight no more and let’s start listening to each other to create a better Malaysia.

Melakaboy (6.52013)

I hope that nobody is offended by this post. I am just sharing my thoughts as i believe that a strong opposition is required to keep the government balanced.


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Nonsensical and crazy as i already am, i'm still good at what i do... that's me! crazily efficient.

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