MH370 – My Theory

MH370 - My Theory

*The Theories & Assumption in this post are merely speculations & personal thoughts

So, We are in 2014 and a gigantic plane goes missing in thin air?? There are so many uncertain questions left unanswered. Here is what i think happened.

I personally think all this is a conspiracy & cover up. Someone onboard flight MH370 is an important person that some government needs to capture without people knowing. The plane indeed emergency landed in Nanning and all cellphones has been confiscated. All phones are switched ‘off’ except for one of course that some person in China who managed to call through his brother’s cell but nobody answered.

There must be a reason for such a big coverup. Probably the identity of this person is so important that the fact that he is being abducted might worsen a political war. Ukraine Vs Rusia perhaps? and probably all negotiations are happening with world leaders. This is really like in the movies we watch where it is for our safety that all this information is not shared.

Well, this is just my thoughts. There are too many abnormalities of what happened to #MH370 to consider it an air accident. The timing of lost of communication, the radar signal being switched off, so much effort for search but no sign of emergency beacon signal at all, the nanning reporting of landing, the cellphone ringing, the 2 people travelling under stolen passports. (STOLEN and NOT False!)

This is just my opinion and there are no facts backing it up. And if what i speculate is to be false, all i pray for is that whatever happened to #MH370, the passengers to be safe.

My heart goes out to all the family & friends of the passengers of #MH370.


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  1. Nk no sy 01114992833 terengganu

  2. Saya nak menjadi perlako

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