A March full of Conspiracy, Social ill, Drought & Haze

A March full of Conspiracy, Social ill, Drought & Haze

It’s really been a difficult time to smile in Malaysia lately. There has just been too much sadness. If you’d excuse me, i’d like to write a little bit and get all this negativity out of me..

Conspiracy – Firstly, i’d like to tell everyone and every media that told ‘me’ and others like me to stop speculating and spreading rumours to wake up and take a look at who’s spreading lie’s and rumours now? But what happens if the plane really is found in the ocean now? What could that mean? In my personal opinion, if the plane is found in the ocean now, it would have been planted there already. The people who were intended to be kidnapped or interrogated has been offloaded and they now need a cover story. surely, i hope that i am wrong and somehow, flight #MH370 will come home.

Social Ill – 6 Reported dead and another 3 still in critical condition at the Future Music Festival Asia during the ASOT night (thats short for A State Of Trance in case some people are wondering). Now, it is not the organisers fault. And you really can’t blame the police or security. Why? firstly, most of this kids pop the drugs way before entering the venue area and even if they tried to bring in the pills, there is more than 50 thousand people trying to get in and it’s in the middle of the night. It’s easier said than done to find 5 tablets which is probably hidden in their underwears. So do you ban Rave parties all-together? i don’t know. Raving is quite associated to drugs, but at one time in life, so is Rock & Disco. To the youths out there, if you think you can control the substance that you pop in your mouth, remember this. Illegal drugs are manufactured in garages and illegal factories. The level of substance is brewed by some guy who might be high himself. 99% might have controlled amount of drugs but 1% might OD you. Moreover, when you are on a high, there is no controlling wanting more. That’s when it gets out of hand. So if you think you can control drugs, think again..

Drought – Thank god for rain these 2 days. And rain came after the announcement of cancellation of FMFA! We must have done something right? i dont know but i’m just happy to see rain!

Haze – A lot of people are getting sick this week due to the bad haze. Thankfully, things are getting better. The rain has cleared the skies for now. phewwwwww. However, try spending less time outdoors to minimise your exposure. 🙂

In light of all the negativity, we have to be strong and spread some positivity. It’s high time we shared positive messages on our twitter, facebook & instagram! we all need a lift in our spirits. Therefore, no more sad sad stuff from me anymore! from today on, it will be good news on my social networks until the end of the week! 1 week of positivity coming right up! put a smile in the faces of the people you love. Be a friend for those in need. Do what you need to do to spread positivity! #WeLoveMalaysia


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  1. Saya elizaberth dari sarawak umur saya 15 ingin hendak menjadi model

  2. Saya Iris Sha Dari Sabah umur 18 Dan berminat untuk menjadi seorang pelakon Terkenal😊thank You

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