#TenThingsToNoteWhen Travelling with Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways

So you’re travelling with Etihad Airways. Here’s what you should know.

  1. If you transit in Abu Dhabi, you should have at least 2Hours of Transit time. This is because when the plane touches down, you will have to disembark into a shuttle bus that will bring you to the terminal. This takes some time. On your Flight Entertainment System, your transit gate will already be highlighted before you land. Take note of that so that it will be easier to find your gate. 
  2. If you are a Playing Cards collector like me, Etihad does have playing cards. However, you might have some trouble getting your hands on one. For example, i was onboard 4 flights travelling from KL – CDG Paris transitting in Abh Dhabi and later Heathrow London – KL transitting again in Abu Dhabi. I asked 7 flight attendants on board for a deck of cards but all of them told me that they will check and get back to me. None of them did except on my last flight, Flight attendant, who identified herself as Yuen, asked me again on my way out of the plane did i get my cards and when i said no, she immediately got one for me. I took the initiative to google her and found out that she is Sylvia Tan Yuen Yuen, senior cabin crew member who takes care of business & first class passengers. It must have been my lucky day. If any airline is looking to hire a really responsible and first class service cabin crew, i’d recommend her. At least she is the only reason i’d consider flying Etihad again.
  3. Cabin crew are not so friendly overall. They are nice. But it’s just work for them. For instance, there was a gentleman who had some rubbish on his tray and asked the lady if she could clear it while she was collecting the headsets. She replied i’ll be back for that. Can’t you see i’ve only got 2 hands. If it would have been me, i would have told her it’s ok she does not have to come back. Such poor service.
  4. Food and drinks are not too bad on the flight. However, if you are seated on the last few rows on the flight, you face the problem that the meal of your choice might finish by the time it gets to you. For instance, if you dont take beef and the other option is chicken, you might have to settle for vegetarian if chicken finishes by the time it reaches you.
  5. Flight seats also proved to be a bad experience for me. At Heathrow when i was trying to check in the staff told me they cant seem to check in my Abu Dhabi-KL flight as it was overbooked.. i was like ‘huh?’ i was lucky the senior staff member told me to hold on as he was calling Abu Dhabi to find out what was happening and wanted to make sure he checked me in before we left Heathrow as because i was transitting, it would be difficult for me to check in there. Thank god. He finally managed to check us in but i was travelling with my parents and all 3 of us were split into 3 different seats on different rows. Imagine that. BAD experience. Wonder what went wrong. I hope a rep from Etihad would explain to me what went wrong so i could clear their name here. Else, i’d just say it’s bad ticketing system.
  6. Flight had small short delays. But thankfully when they delay the flight, transit flights will also wait for you. But it also means that as soon as you touch down, you’ll be rushing to your next gate. So try to buffer more transit time.
  7. At Abu Dhabi airport, they deal with AED currency.. you can also pay in Euro or Dollars but only if you purchase over a certain amount. They will return change in AED. The 1 issue i experienced throughout my 2 transits is, each counter was trying to either encourage you to buy more chocolates as they had not enough coins change or they’d just tell you outright we are short 1 dirham is that ok? NO ITS NOT OK BUT BECAUSE I’M RUSHING FOR MY FLIGHT I CANT ARGUE! Very inethical. Wonder if anyone had the same experience.
  8. You can get some descent food at Abu Dhabi airport in case you did not eat very well in the plane. They even have McDonalds in one of their terminals. 
  9. At the Abu Dhabi airport, Wi-Fi is FREE so if you wanna check in on Foursquare or Swarm, this is the time to do it. 
  10. All-in-all its an average experience flying on Etihad. But their Business & First class seats looked amazing. If you could afford em, it looks superbly comfy to fly them. 

So if you’re flying with Etihad, those were 10 things to note. If you’re from Etihad, then please take note of my bad experiences and good luck making things better for your future customers.

– Melakaboy

KL – CDG via Abu Dhabi : 23rd July 2014

Heathrow – KL via Abu Dhabi : 30th July 2014


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