The Story of ‘Melakaboy’

You know.. i think i’ve never publicly told people how ‘honestly’ i became the man i am today.

Some 10 years ago, i learn a very bitter lesson in life. Music is really not a career to pursue in Malaysia. Pays badly and its not secure. So i’ve a lot of respect for my musician friends who have stuck by it and has continued making music for the love of it. I met the late Paul Ponnudorai around that time and i’ll never forget his first advice to me. ‘Never Give Up Playing’

Well, i never really pursued a music carer. Just jammed here and there with my friends.. though i must admit i really wanted to. So i gave up my music dreams and pursued a more stable career with the intention of someday, i will help change the ideology that music cannot be made a career.

Sometime 5 years ago, my boss Sulin Lau during one of her smoking sessions asked me. Hey what do you think about changing your current work portfolio and working on a special project to get to know the Malay Entertainment Industry a little better. It was all alien to me back then but hey.. i’m always up for challenges. And this was the beginning my career as Melakaboy.

Made my first few friends in this industry and their support i can never repay. Thank you Lisa Surihani Mohamed & Shaheizy Sam Samad for always telling people that i’m a good person to work with as that really gave my credibility a boost.

And so, 2.5 years ago, i came up with this really crazy idea that social media seeding was gonna boom and i created a master plan to ‘Take Over The World’ lolz. Just a figure of speech btw.

And so when i achieved some level of success, a friend came up to me and asked.. what do you think about managing my daughter who just happens to be one of the most popular 7year old kid during that time. Now i knew nothing about talent management at that time but i thought, hey here’s where i could actually start living my dream to make some change to the industry and so i obliged and Mia Sara Nasuha became the first talent in ParanormalMY.

It’s an amazing journey these 2.5 years. We’ve grown heaps and bounds and i considered myself to have already make a change in the industry. Though small, everything starts with a single step.

i don’t know what the future holds for me. But i know for sure i will shine bright to guide more people like Elizabeth Tan in ensuring that if you got the talent, you should be making the money.

And last but not least, sincere thank you to Bob Tan for actually believing in my crazy ideas and investing in them.

To my wife, Shermaine Koh tq for not giving up on my late nights and crazy working schedules.

Quoting Journey ‘ Lovin a Music Man ain’t what it’s suppose to be, oh girl you stand by me’ and to all of you.. ‘i’m forever yours’ Faithfully!


About melakaboy

Nonsensical and crazy as i already am, i'm still good at what i do... that's me! crazily efficient.

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