Elizabeth Tan – the Paranormal Side of the story..

How did one girl from Taman Melawati change the music landscape in Malaysia?

Elizabeth Tan, Malaysian Celebrity

The name Elizabeth Tan is no longer alien in the entertainment scene in Malaysia. Millions have heard her story and many have witnessed how she has become one of the most demanded youth icons in Malaysia. Today, i’d like to tell you the Paranormal side of her story 🙂

It all started in November 2013, when i saw a link on Facebook, shared by a friend who was then claiming that this was gonna be his wife someday.. It was a pretty little chinese girl covering Yuna’s Terukir Di Bintang. I clicked and watched her video and one video led to another. The entertainer side of me told me.. shit this girl can sing.. and the business side of me shit this girl will make shit loads of money..

The first thing i did was send an email to Elizabeth.. and in just a day.. i received my first email from Elizabeth.. haha for memory sake..

Screenshot 2015-07-23 19.14.58Over the course of the next few weeks, all i did was meet friends and tell them about this girl i watched on youtube and how she was gonna be a star. I sold the idea to myself first before others of course.

And so it was this lovely morning in December 2013 where we met at breadties in Melawati, the place where i also first met Adriana Jasmay on working with Liyana Jasmay.. 🙂 In my whole life, that was only the 2nd time i ever stepped foot in Melawati.

When we first met, Elizabeth came with her mum.. Irene. Very very nice person. And so i went on again, with my convincing tone that her daughter was gonna be a star. Believe or not, her mum’s reaction to me was.. are you sure my daughter can make money singing? haha. It was amazing getting to know more about this girl i saw behind my computer screens. Her brother, was actually a finalist in Malaysian Idol.. Andrew Tan.. now most might not remember the name at first mention but if you followed the series, he was the guy with the ponytail.. ring a bell yet? exactly!!

And so we talked about contracts and all the boring stuff and i told her to let me know if she was keen to pursue this adventure with me. At this point of time, it was an exciting time for me as well as i’ve only managed actors and actresses before this and most of them were already popular when they signed to me. So it was a challenge for me as well..

In just about a week or so.. she texted me and said.. let’s do this! and that was how we started.. 🙂

Now, most of the time, the management would have to work on a marketing plan and work on how to develop the career of an artist. But for Elizabeth, a week after she said yes, she uploaded this cover of Havoc on her YouTube channel and boom.. it viralled big time as the song was also high on radio rotation at that point of time. I really did not have to do much. She was being invited to interviews left, right and centre. All i did was help her coordinate and make sure she don’t get bullied 😀

Many people have the impression that we played a major role in developing Elizabeth.. well, i’ll only take credit for piecing all the puzzle pieces together. She did most of the work.

Today, 1.5 years later, Elizabeth is a superstar and also probably one of the highest paid celebrity based on her experience in the industry. It’s amazing what this little girl from Melawati has achieved over the past year or so.

And i only wish her the best in her career. I hope to be able to continue to guide and lead you into this vicious industry and hopefully we’ll be able to create more memories together.

Oh.. and if you would like to get in touch with me because you too sing or act like a superstar, drop me a link of your product at talents@paranormal.com.my

Who knows 😀

Melakaboy ( 23 July 2015 )


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