Motivations In Life

Been wanting to pen this down for the past few weeks.. but my work trips have basically left me with little sleep & rest for the past 3 weeks. Yes, i admit it. I’m getting old.

Very recently, a talent that i groomed and nurtured (at least i think i did) won an award as a best new artiste on a regional level, beating candidates from Singapore and Indonesia. I cried at the award show when she went on stage. Just a week before, i asked her.. have you prepared what you want to say if you win? and her reply was ‘actually it did not cross my mind that i was going to win’

Anyway, with such an achievement, i started asking myself a few questions.. which also questioned some of the poor business decisions i’ve done in 2015. What motivates me in life? why am i doing what i’m doing?

You see, i come to realise that the majority population in Malaysia is motivated by monetary gains. More money means a better life, means a better future, means you can buy more things you like. Do you think that this is similar throughout the world?

I’m not sure if many of you noticed but in the western countries, people are not really motivated by money. Really? yes money is important, but they tend to make decisions in life which reflects that money is not everything. For example, a person can save up to USD50,000 and spend it all in a trip travelling to see new things and experiencing new stuff. When the money depletes, then its back home and work as usual.

In Malaysia, if you did that, your parents would probably ask you in despair.. son, what has happened to you, are you not thinking about your loved ones? why are you not saving up for a better future? and this got me thinking. Asians are more prone to consider the feelings of other people. They care about the welfare of others that they love.

And that was the thought in my mind over the past week. I somehow believe that my motivation in life, is to see the people i love, the people i represent, and the people that rely on me be successful and happy. And that is what matters to me. If i did not make it this far in business, i’m ok. If tomorrow i fall into bankruptcy, i’m ok. If tomorrow i fail in life, i’m ok. But what i’m not ok, is working hard and making sure i do my best for the people around me.

I believe that this is the key to my success thus far. That i always tell myself. I’m not the boss. I’m working for the people i care about. I’m working for my talents. I may not be perfect all the time, but i try my level best to be. And if my talents need money to have a better life, then i sure as hell am gonna work hard to make sure they make money.

Different people have different motivations in life. Most are motivated by money, a lot by family, and some, life me, work to see people happy. What is your motivation?



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