How i got F***ed by Versace Pavillion


Sometime last month, some of you may have seen me whining on Facebook about an incident i had with Versace, a brand i hold most dear to my heart. But i think it’s only fair i return the favour in writing for the emotional turbulence they had put me through.

Sometime early January 2016, i decided to go ‘Clutch’ shopping. After much looking, i finally found something i really fancy at Versace Pavillion. Now i was really excited because Versace was a brand that i really fancied. Bough my first Versace jacket for Liyana Jasmay’s wedding some 3 years ago, followed by an awesome document bag & a pair of Versace shoes last year. So imagine how excited i was when i saw a clutch that i really liked in Versace. I was practically glowing. Price tag read ‘RM 2,050.00’ and it was the last piece. Did not have to think for long. Decided, what the heck.. need to make myself happy once in a while.. So i decided to get the clutch bag.

When i got to the payment counter, the nice gentleman was kind enough to say.. hey you look familiar.. you’re a blogger right? Ermmmm.. ok.. though i’ve not been blogging for some time, i obliged and said yes.. He smiled and continued to scan the tag and shortly after that said ‘RM 2,450.00’ please sir. I was stunned. I said.. Wasn’t it RM 2,050.00 a little while ago? He continued to check the price tag and made some phone calls to some people. He later came back and said he wasnt able to sell that bag to me as it appears that the Italians might have increased the price.

OMFG! I swore at that point i wanted to just take pictures of everything and bashed Versace on Twitter & Instagram. Instead, i remained calm. I always believe everything happens for a reason. But still, my heart broke. My love for Versace suddenly hurt my heart so bad. I walked away. Whined on Facebook a little. And decided now that i should return the heartbreak that Versace caused me with a Blogpost.

By law, i believe that the outlet has to honor the price shown on the tag. I could be wrong. But hey.. Sh** happens.

Moved on to make a trip down to JPO a week after while holidaying with my wife and daughter. Finally caught eyes on a beautiful Toscani clutch. If you’re a fan of Toscani, their defect items go to JPO and you pay 70% less there for everything! And so yes, i ended up paying RM 400.00 for a clutch. I saved RM 1,500.00 which i later on bought a new Gucci wallet for RM 1,490.00.

And that my friends, is how VERSACE Pavillion F***ed me! For the good sake of their clients, i think they should come up with a policy to honor the price on the tags should something like this happen again in the future


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  1. Huh? Blame it on the ringgit, not on Versace. That tag was prob there before ringgit tanked.

  2. Any shop, by law…. whether it’s Versace or Borsachee also need to honour the displayed price tag lah! Even JUSCO honour price tag and not cashier’s shown price ler…… Serious!

  3. Hey Melaka boy, I’m amazed by how you viewed this whole situation. Interested in making this industry a better place? 🙂

  4. i’m not sure if you’re commenting on the right post?

  5. thanks for the heads up Leonard 🙂

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