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Some of you might be thinking.. damn this guy must really have balls to write this post. In the past 1 year of owning a record company, i have learnt that good music is not good enough to get on radio. You see, what’s good enough for you might not be good enough for me. So… do the math….

However, there’s been a lot of talk in the industry about people buying their way into airplay and i had the privilege to hear first hand of a band actually paying to get their song played. Imagine my shock. However, it is common practise in some countries to buy airtime. Maybe Malaysian radio systems should also practice this. At least it becomes a transparent transaction? There’s no shame in buying airtime. After all, it’s marketing dollar for the song.

Now i’ve decided over this weekend to do some research, to figure out what do you have to do in Malaysia to get into the Top40 of a radio chart. Had this discussion with some friends some time ago. YouTube views does not translate to airplay. Now, i beg to differ.. and i cooked up the numbers to prove my point.

Screenshot 2016-05-29 00.48.35

Now, i’m gonna summarise the above so you have a better perspective of what’s cool and what’s not.

From the top 40 Charts, there is 12 Songs which are English & Indonesian. That’s effectively 30% of the charts. So if you’re a Malaysian artiste with a Malaysian song, effectively there’s only about 28-30 positions available for you in the Top40.

Astro Measat Broadcasting, effectively is the label with the most Malaysian songs on the charts. They have 6/28. That’s about 20% market share. Octave Records, KRU, FMC & Sony each has 2 songs on the charts. Interesting Statistics. I’m lucky to have 1 so far. Hopefully my odds improve soon 😀

In terms of producers, DJ Fuzz leads the table with 4 Songs on the Charts, followed by Faithful Music with 3 songs & Edry with 2 songs. Those are the more outstanding ones.

In terms of Distributors, Astro leads with 6, FMC with 3, Indigital, Rusa, KRU, Warner & Sony carry 2 songs each. So 20 out of 28 songs on the charts are distributed by the giants of the industry 🙂

*Music pairing with labels, distributors & producers are based on assumption with best possible knowledge. I could be wrong.

Anyway, i hope this gives you a clearer perspective of which producers gives you the best radio sound, how much traction on youtube & spotify for you to be a contender in the top40. Who should you distribute your music with.

I hope this post has been useful to you. It has surely opened my eyes to some interesting facts. Perhaps someday i should acquire 12 hours airplay report. That would give me an even better data pool to understand who and what is the in-thing with Radio.

Till then, this is Melakaboy, again, sharing some useful insights for budding artiste & producers. Good luck with your art. If you need me, you can reach me at

Going to Cannes for MIDEM from 1st – 12th June. Hopefully i’ll be able to build some good network there and create more opportunities for Malaysian talents & their content! Till we meet about dear readers.

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