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Prashan& Shermaine’s Wedding Updates

Hi.. i’m glad that you’re taking this opportunity to check our my wedding updates. First of all, let me introduce us. We are Prashan, the groom to be and Shermaine, the bride to be. We’re both born on the 19th March, 1983 and 1985 respectively. Our wedding journey starts here….

19th March 2010 :

The wedding proposal (during our birthday party @ Cavells Sri Hartamas)

1st May 2010 :

After much scouting online, finally went to a wedding gallery boutique to commit on our pre-wedding pictures. For those who are like me, whom has no faith in Bridal Shop photography and fear ending up having pictures looking like Genghis Khan, or Sailor Moon, you should check out Keep Gallery. Basically, the idea of the boutique started when 6 photographers met up one day and decided that they wanted to give their customers a Pictorial Journey rather then just a bridal shoot. I particularly like the work of one Sam Leong. This is a shot i really like. Not sure who’s the photographer yet but he’s gonna definitely be my pre-wedding photographer.

PS: Did you know wedding photography is FREAKING expensive.. Do save up

24th May 2010 :

Spent a long weekend in Melaka scouting around for wedding venues and discussing ceremonial stuffs with parents. It’s Final.. here are the official ceremonies & dinner for our wedding.

(19th March 2011)

9AM – 12PM = Indian Wedding Ceremony @ Sri Maha Mariamman Temple located at Gajah Berang Melaka

12PM – 2PM = Tea Ceremony & Vegetarian Lunch @ Bukit Serindit

6.30PM = Groom side wedding dinner @ Equatorial Hotel Melaka

(26th March 2011)

9AM-12PM = Chinese Wedding Ceremony @ Villa Lagenda Condominium, Selayang

12PM – 2PM = Tea Ceremony, Villa Lagenda Condominium, Selayang

6.30PM = Dinner @ Oriental Banquet PJ

29th July 2010 :

Wow, been 2 months since my last entry on my wedding.. phew! when you are at the peak of your work and you are planning for your wedding.. it sure drains you out! anyway, finally made an appointment to go and make deposit payments for my banquet halls.

For those who are new to this, you need about RM3k/location for deposit! so if ur having 2 dinners like me, make sure ur credit card can swipe 6k haha πŸ™‚ anyway, the interesting part is that i went to a wedding expo to make payment as Equatorial Hotel was doing their exhibition there. To be exact, it was called 7th Malaysia International Wedding & Banquet Exhibition. Made my 3k payment and they gave me 6 lucky draw cards, eligibility was RM500 spent per card. All together there was 17 consolation prizes and 3 main prizes up for grabs.

Guess what? i wont 5th prize.. which is consolation 2.. got myself RM8k worth of wedding goodies. However, a lot of them came with a lot of Terms and Conditions and if they make my life difficult, i’m gonna make sure the internet knows about it! here’s some stuff that i won..

  1. Guilin (5Days4Nights) Ground Tour for 2 exclude Flight & Visa Β from Malinja Travel
  2. Shanghai (4Days3Nights) Ground Tour for 2 exclude Flight & Visa from Malinja Travel
  3. Wedding Gown Rental worth up to RM 1000 @ My Dream Wedding House Damansara Perdana
  4. Anniversary Wedding Potrait

There were a few other stuffs but i dont have my winning ticket with me right now so i cant really list them all down. Maybe next time.

Next up on my to do list would be my wedding card and my photo shoot next month! πŸ™‚

August 20th :

Want to know when the wedding chills kicks in? it’s when you bring your wife to try out her wedding gown. As beautiful as the might look, you’ll feel the chills running through your blood.. My future wife..

Wedding Gowns Testing @ Keep Gallery

September 23rd :

So we did our photoshoot in August and we’ve gotten the raw pictures… here are my favourite 6 pictures… smart of Keep Gallery to retain their web url on the pictures and i did not want to edit it out coz they did do a good job… hope u like the pictures! Oh ya, we finally chose Anson Choi to be our photographer as when we finally re-looked at the pictures he took, i kinda liked them… πŸ™‚ Also, Anson posted our pictures on his blog too! You can check out his other work at

Taken @ The Baba House Melaka

Taken @ The Baba House Melaka

Taken @ The Baba House Melaka

Taken @ The Baba House Melaka

Taken @ The Chapel of St. Francis Inst.

Taken @ The Chapel of St. Francis Inst.

Taken @ St. Paul's Hill Melaka

Taken @ St. Paul's Hill Melaka

Picture @ St. Paul's

Next step would be wedding card! time to source for reliable printers! πŸ™‚

December 29th :

Phew, after going dark for 3 months, i can finally update this page.. wedding invitation card is ready.. Yes, it costs me abour RM 700 for wedding cards and envelopes.. and nope, they are not cheap. One could alternatively use wedding card from Hotels, but where’s the fun in that right? it’s your wedding for christ sake!

How’d u like my wedding card? =)

Our Wedding Card

Till my next update! πŸ™‚

23rd Feb 2011

wow.. long time since my last update. Here just to attach maps to both my weddings.

Map to Equatorial Hotel Melaka (19th March, 6.30PM)

Map to Oriental Banquet PJ, (26th March 2011, 6.30PM)

Next update would be ceremonies information. πŸ™‚

24th Feb 2011

Ok, i’m over excited now. 2 times AIM nominee Gerard Singh and Top of the pub finalist Raymond Chia has agreed to entertain at my Melaka wedding. Also, Paul Ponnudorai & Ann Rodriguez has just confirmed they will come for my wedding to. It’s going to be a night full of good music! I love you guys!

19th March 2011

So 19th March finally came and went! for those who missed our wedding in Melaka, here’s a pretty good re-cap of what happened.

Have not found time to sum up this full wedding post yet but will have it out by the end of the week! Hope you enjoyed the video by

14th June 2011

This took longer than usual as i needed to compile all pictures before doing this. For those who were at my wedding and did not get to watch my wedding march video properly, here you go.. πŸ™‚ For pictures and videos of the receptions, it’ll be up soon.. *fingers crossed

  1. Prashy!!!
    You got married??? Now i’m upset that I wasnt invited!!

  2. dear.. i dont even know how to contact u la.. haha.. noler.. not married yet.. its in March next year! πŸ™‚

  3. Haha, saw your proposing video on Facebook & got linked to here. So romantic! Congratulations! =)

  4. thanks dude.. πŸ™‚

  5. very Nice bout ur pre wedding photo.. i also choose Keep Gallery be my pre wedding shooting.. their proffesional make me very surprise!! my photograher was Benny Koo.. ah, Nice to meet u.. and congratulation to u!

  6. 10q.. πŸ™‚ hope u have a good one too Joan.. πŸ™‚

  7. bro,

    dont forget to invite me to your wedding….

  8. Mawi.. mesti tak lupa dont worry!

  9. Hi my cousin,

    Ur wedding card is so cute..worth the money πŸ™‚

    Congrats yah..see you soon. Cheers..

  10. sorry. came across your blog while searching for BFM radio. hehe

    btw, i noticed ‘equatirial’ instead of equatorial on your card? err? -____-“

  11. Hi, i came across your blog while i googled for Keep Gallery… Who’s the artist of your caricature?? and the designer of your card??

  12. Hey Leanne.. πŸ™‚

    Artist of caricature is the guy who sits near McD in Sunway Pyramid Old Wing..

    I designed the card myself.. πŸ™‚

  13. Chokilala, haha that was an old one.. dont worry i got a new one d.. πŸ™‚

  14. hi, thanks for the reply. I did went to pyramid and look for the artist twice, but each time he seems to be busy sketching live portrait….. so i am not able to ask him for a quote. mind to share with me your price… my email is πŸ™‚

  15. Prashan Chitty

    stephanie : cant remember but i think about 300. The price is stated on his board.. πŸ™‚

  16. Congratulations Prashan Chitty Bang Bang! ^^

  17. terima kasih kampung investor!

  18. dah kawinn.. what a suprise.. igat MB ad somthing dgn YS πŸ™‚ ..

  19. Hi Prashan
    thanks for your blog – I am trying to organise my son’s wedding in Melaka and he is also having two weddings like you!! I need some advice from you about contacting the temple and organising the hindu wedding at the temple. I live in New Zealand and is difficult to deal with things long distance !

  20. hey Ultra! i’m so sorry for replying so late. If you still need help, please email me at so sorry i did not notice this earlier.

  21. Ni nombor telefon 01123855364

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