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Carnaval Churrascaria : Brazilian BBQ @ Damansara Jaya

Found a new MEATING place after heard some fuzz about it from other bloggers and friends.. Checked it out couple of weeks ago and thought it deserved a mention.

This restaurant is found right in the middle of Damansara Jaya. It serves BBQ Buffet, Brazillian style. For non-MEAT lovers, you may opt for the non-meety buffet which comprises of rice, pasta, potatoes, salads and some seafood. Here’s a picture i got of the selection.

The meaty buffet on the other hand is what makes the restaurant interesting.. for starters, they serve you with 2 of their house made sauces, mint and green pepper…

For those who love garlic bread, you should try their garlic bread which is mixxed with cheese.. yum yum!

They have different kinds of BBQ meat servings which for me are mostly perfectly burned with salt marination and a little burnt on the outside but red in the inside.. yum yum… Did not take much pictures coz i was to busy MEATING but the meats they had were chicken ham, chicken cubes, prawns, chicken sausages, lamb shoulder, beef thigh, garlic beef, dory fish and roast pineapples.. 🙂

Stole this picture from another blog just to prove my MEATY point of view…

It makes u hungry doesn’t it? well, here’s a map for those who are already looking forward…

Carnaval Churrascaria  - map

Good luck and have fun eating.. 🙂

Yum Yum! Happy Meating from Melakaboy..